Welcome to Albuquerque Metropolitan Central Intake!

AMCI serves as Albuquerque's single point of entry for people seeking outpatient counseling for problems with substance abuse. Licensed counselors provide a thorough assessment, followed by a referral to select treatment providers throughout the city. Assessment and counseling are paid for through funding from the City of Albuquerque.

Benefits of Central Intake:

  • One stop shopping! One call connects you to an entire treatment delivery system!
  • Treatment matching! Trained professionals match you with the treatment program most suited to your needs - quickly!
  • Legally speaking… AMCI works closely with the criminal justice system and understands their needs.
  • Treatment is paid for!
  • We offer assessments in Spanish.
  • Si necesita una cita en español, podemos ayudar. Llame a 505-272-9033

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